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Advocating for International Education in Washington, DC

The author of this blog post was awarded a travel grant to attend an advocacy conference in Washington, DC. This opportunity was available as part of the ASA Advocacy program. If you wish to see more opportunities for ASA members like this, please consider donating to the 60th Anniversary Campaign to support this, and other strategic initiatives.

By Andreana Prichard

In late February, I received word from the ASA that I had received one of two $1000 travel subsidy grants to travel to D.C. to attend one of three advocacy conferences geared toward supporting international education and humanities. I had seen the call earlier in the month, but I didn’t take it seriously as something that I could do until my colleague noted that the ASA was looking for advocates from Oklahoma and encouraged me to apply. I had done some local-level advocacy before applying: I’m involved with our neighborhood association and have done trainings with the Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma; I have started attending ward and town hall meetings, and even speaking at some; and I speak with our Police Community Relations officer about issues concerning our neighborhood probably more often than he would like. I’d also recently started making daily calls to legislators, signing petitions that come through my inbox and over Facebook, and sending postcards. But doing in-person advocacy on a national level was entirely new to me.

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