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Coordinate Organization Small Grant Proposal Form

General Information

Name of Applicant (*)

Please let us know your name.
Name of Coordinate Organization (*)

Please let us know the organization's name
Applicant Email Address (*)

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Mailing Address (*)

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Contact Telephone (*)

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Activity Description

Please describe the activity that this grant would support. (*)

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Please indicate how this activity helps further the ASA mission of encouraging the production and dissemination of knowledge about Africa. (*)

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What is the current status of this activity? (Is it already under way, or just in the idea stage?) (*)

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Who will administer this activity? (Please include contact information if different from the applicant) (*)

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Who is the current highest ranking officer of the coordinate organization? (Please include contact information if different from the applicant) (*)

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What are the total costs of the activity? (*)

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How will ASA funds be used? (*)

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If ASA funds will not cover the entire cost of the activity, how will other funds be solicited or provided? (*)

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Please note that coordinate organizations that are awarded a grant will be required to provide the ASA Secretariat with an update and photographs upon completion of the activity, sharing how the funds were used. The update will be shared via blog and used to both promote the grant program and the coordinate organization. By selecting this button, you agree to these terms should you be awarded a grant. (*)

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